Hiring Veterans

Eight Columbia employers received the State of Missouri’s Flag of Freedom award in February 2012 for their willingness to hire veterans.

In celebration of its Missouri Show-Me Heroes Program, the Missouri Division of Workforce Development and Missouri National Guard recently honored Midway Electric Inc., Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital, Veterans United Home Loans, MBS Textbook Exchange, First Student, Reality House Programs, University of Missouri Health Care and Kelly Services because the companies fulfilled their pledges to hire veterans. Full Article


What to do "Before" the power goes out.

A portable generator can also serve your power needs if the power goes off. They can also be wired to your electric panel, but many people keep them totally portable and just bring them out when the power goes down. Generators usually run on gasoline, diesel, or propane gas. Call for more information.

Home Stand-by Generators


Partner in Education

Midway Electric, Inc. is proud to be a Partner In Education with Midway Heights Elementary School! This marks our 5th year as a PIE and the school held an assembly for it's awesome PIE's. We were super surprised and excited to receive these thank you notes, letters, cards, flowers, sand pail and even a proclamation for Partners In Education Week! Thank you so much to the students, teachers and staff of Midway Heights.... you just made our whole week!

Did You Know?

An incandescent light-bulb takes just enough electric current to make a piece of metal glow brightly enough to give out visible light yet not get so hot that it melts and breaks. The piece of metal is called a tungsten filament.

Now ask your friends if they know what a tungsten filament is used for and see how much they know about something we all use!